Taimate Angus

MAY 2019 - Paul Hickman

I’ve been today to the Marlborough High Country calf sale and what a time it is to be a beef breeder. 300kg steer calves making $1200, their sisters at 260kg making over $1000, the breeder is getting rewarded!!

12 months ago I wrote that we were all enjoying a strong farming sector for virtually everything but strong wool with the hope it continued- well it sure has!!

What an unbelievable time to be farming, lets hope the weather plays its part and everyone can make the most of this truely great farming period.

At Taimate we are under a big development phase, which is nearing completion-thankfully! Our dam has been all but finished, stage 2 of the vineyard was planted in Spring and stage 3 will be planted this coming Spring. Fences are going back up, water lines re-laid and damaged pastures fixed. In all there will be around 100+ ha going out of farming and into vineyard.

Whilst its been a terribly hard decision to make, the ewes have all been sold. This will allow us however to keep all the cattle and possibly grow the number of cows we are running.

Unfortunately, there still won’t be any grass that gets irrigated so the stud operation will still be a genuine dry land stud- no free lunches!! If the seasons continue on like the last 12-24 months however life would certainly be most pleasant.

You will notice this year the condition of our bulls is the most forward they have probably ever been and I make no apologies for this, for a true dry land East Coast operation is feast or famine, and that’s exactly what Taimate is. Our cattle are treated the same way every year regardless of season and its up to them to express themselves.

The bulls this year are another step up in quality on last. The catalogue is very ‘home bred’, the bulls meatier and more com- pact than ever, and EBV’s better than before and steadily improving. Our own genetics, the likes of Lazarus and Ling have certainly left their stamp and I can only hope we keep producing these types of cattle.

The number of bulls for sale has increased slightly again, but they would not be catalogued if they weren’t good bulls, our uniformity, quality and strength across our entire herd is coming to the fore and showing through. Our % of bulls born to those sold is possibly the highest anywhere, this is testament to our strong entire herd. Who needs 400 cows to get 60 sale bulls when you can do it with 200?

The success of you our clients is what drives the Taimate program to be ever improving. Today’s results at the calf sale show what we’re breeding is working. The above mentioned calves from Mt Carmel Station, Awatere Valley, who buy only Taimate Angus bulls, were only 5 kg heavier than those of other bred Angus calves off lower country, yet made a whopping

$130 more per head (both steers and heifers).

I congratulate John & Jo Blue for the fantastic work and management of their stock.
The type and uniformity of the bulls on offer this year I am very pleased with and I hope you will be too. Whilst I am always seeking for improvements, I believe this to be a very good line up of Angus bulls and one which I’m proud of.

Even if you’re not buying angus bulls this year, feel free to call in anytime and/or come to sale and have a look (and a beer or two!)

Look forward to seeing you here on Monday June 17th
If you can’t make it, look us up online as we will be streaming the sale live.


May 2017

Positives all round. An Autumn like never before, stock prices like never before, and a really positive outlook for farming, all makes it easy to be in a good frame of mind.

It would be easy to sit here and say how badly off we've been dealt with by droughts and in particular earthquakes, but although they have impacted on us significantly I prefer to look upon them as yet another challenge to overcome. Yes, we still get a good shake a couple times a week, but as I keep telling the kids “its character building”.

I wrote last year that I believed we had just weaned our best ever crop of calves, and it is with great pleasure that I say that they have carried themselves though to R2’s and I still feel the same way about them- even more so in fact. The team of bulls this year, as well as the R2 heifers are a great example of what we are trying to breed here. Lovely to handle, deep, thickset carcasses and with excellent, very balanced EBV’s.

We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years investing in top genetics, bulls, semen, A.I programmes, that investment is paying dividends in the quality of stock you will see on display.

Taimate bred calves continue to rock the sale yards. The recent Marlborough High Country Calf Sale was topped by Taimate client Mt Carmel with $1280 for 276kg steers. Almost $100/hd better than other Angus steers of the same weight. Finishers are clearly prepared to pay extra for quality that’s infront of them- not just what the paperwork says.

I hope that the next 12 months is enjoyable and rewarding for you all in your farming endeavours. Kick it off by coming along to Taimate on June 19th, not to buy a bull, but to have a bloody good day out.

Look forward to seeing you here.

Paul Hickman